Join the Fun Outdoors — InterNations Summer Events

Summer is in full swing in the Northern Hemisphere and even though some of our communities still have to stick to social-distancing measures, many have resumed in-person events just in time to hold their events and activities outdoors. From picnics and walks around town to InterNations Official Events in glamorous venues, here are this month’s […]

Bike Tours and Picnics in the Park — Reintroducing In-Person Events

Since March 2020, our members have used our online events as an opportunity to meet and connect with other expats and global minds around the world. Now, as the number of new COVID-19 infections seems to be stabilizing and even decreasing in some countries, quite a number of InterNations Communities have resumed their in-person events […]

Joint Events and Virtual Travels — How Our Communities Are Connecting Online

As our communities have still not fully returned to their regular in-person events, Ambassadors and Consuls around the world are going to great lengths to connect expats and global minds in their own communities and beyond. Joint events and activities have started popping up everywhere to bring people together. Let’s take a look at the […]

Keeping Up the InterNations Spirit: Online Events and Activities to Make It Through Social Distancing

After social distancing laws were implemented in many of our communities, our Ambassadors and Consuls had to get creative. With the help of the internet, group call software, and their dedicated communities, they have organized a variety of online events and activities, ranging from parties and coffee chats to therapy sessions and science talks. Have […]

From Valentine’s to Carnival — A Fun-Filled February with InterNations

February might be flying by but that hasn’t stopped our communities across the globe from filling it with fun events and activities. Let’s take a look at our highlights for February and at our upcoming carnival celebrations! Love Is in The Air Photo credit: Brad Ottosen Our Houston Community enjoyed a “Pre-Valentine’s Day” celebration on Thursday, 13 […]