Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Expat: Trying Something New in July

What has sparked your curiosity lately? Have you wanted to try your hand at a new hobby, learn something new, or get to know people in a whole new way? Curiosity is an important trait that many of us lose as we grow up. But it’s what opens up our world to more knowledge, ideas, […]

A Month of Joy — June with InterNations

June is a great month to experience, no matter where you are. It is the month of the longest (and shortest) day of the year, the month of summer celebrations (in the Northern hemisphere), but also simply a great time to travel and have new and exciting experiences. Below are some of the ways in […]

Getting Back Out There: (Re)Discover Your Home Abroad

This month, our members set out to (re)discover the places they live. The explored the streets of their city or ventured outside of the concrete jungles to enjoy the great outdoors. From street food festivals and museums to bike trips and hikes in surrounding areas, as well as exciting and unusual venues, there was a […]

Easter, Ramadan, and Cherry Blossoms: Event Highlights in April

April offers many great opportunities to get out of the house, enjoy the great weather, and celebrate. From Easter to Ramadan and exciting spring events, our communities have a lot to offer. Check out our monthly event and activity highlights! Easter: Good Food and Fresh Air Whether you celebrate Easter or not, like many of […]

Celebrating Springtime and the Luck of the Irish with Expat Friends

The change of seasons can feel like a new beginning, an opportunity to settle down and rest for those who are experiencing dropping temperatures, and a chance to get back outside and enjoy the blue sky and fresh air for those in the northern hemisphere. Many of our communities are getting ready to head outdoors […]