Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Expat: Trying Something New in July

What has sparked your curiosity lately? Have you wanted to try your hand at a new hobby, learn something new, or get to know people in a whole new way? Curiosity is an important trait that many of us lose as we grow up. But it’s what opens up our world to more knowledge, ideas, skills, and opportunities. Sometimes, we all need to break out of the expat rut and expand our horizons. Find out what our members were curious about this month!

Flexing Your Artistic Muscles

The Dubai Drawing & Coloring Group gathered to learn some techniques for acrylic painting and get some tips on how to improve their technique. The title of the picture they painted was “Together” and that was also the motto of the event, as the group explored some new skills together.

In Athens, the Socializing and Photographing Group and the Enthusiast Photographer’s Group ventured to the top of Mount Lycabettus to get best out of the stunning vista. The golden hour for photography near sunset made for some beautiful photographs, as group members explored the area. Make sure to take a look at the photo gallery to see all the breathtaking pictures.

On Saturday, 23 July, the Copenhagen City Trotters will take a ceramics class and get an introduction to wheel throwing. It’s a great opportunity to learn a new skill and have a hands-on experience. At the end, you will have a bunch of new friends and four of your own handcrafted pieces to take home.

Spending Time Outside … on the Water, on Two Wheels, or on Foot

On 20 August, the Stockholm City Trotters Group will embark on a boat trip to Birka. Located on an island in the middle of Lake Mälaren, Birka is considered to be Sweden’s first city, established in the 750s. Join the group to learn more about Sweden’s history and explore the island with other expats and global minds. Feeling inspired to discover more about the history of your host country? Check the calendar for activities near you!

“Sun’s out, swim & shout” was the motto of the Dubai Water World Group as members embarked on a yacht to celebrate Eid. With lots of sunshine and the opportunity to go for a swim, it was a great experience with lots of fun.

The Dubai Travelers Group headed to Abu Dhabi to take a full-moon kayaking trip. It was a whole new way to see the city and appreciate the landscape during this weekend trip. The group also stopped for a picnic and enjoyed some tea and traditional Emirati sweets at the beach.

Silkeborg’s lakes and canals were the destination of the Aarhus Outdoors Group. Members embarked on a canoe adventure and only stopped to have a picnic by the water. It was a great day for all!

The Milan Biking Group took a mid-July break and explored Liguria together. The weekend was all about relaxing, swimming, sun-bathing, and, of course, exploring the picturesque area overlooking the beautiful sea towns.

For the Nairobi Cyclists and Thrillseekers Group, it was all about leaving a green footprint. The group explored the spectacular wild forests near Nairobi during a three-hour guided tour before stopping for lunch. After that, they planted a tree to help the forest and leave their green footprint.

The San Francisco Sports & Outdoors Group explored the best waterfalls during a full-day hike at the Point Reyes National Seashore. The scenic coastal path, with a visit to the beach and a beautiful view, was well worth the effort of this challenging hike.

Living the Good Life

Have you ever attended a champagne-tasting picnic? The Leuven City Trotters Group got together for a relaxed picnic at Parc du Cinquantenaire. Members had the opportunity to participate in a champagne- and cava-tasting to learn about the history and origin of both beverages.

The Warsaw Explorers Group spent a day in the lavender fields, taking pictures and helping with the lavender harvest. Group members also participated in a workshop to learn how to prepare lavender spindles and just spent a beautiful summer day enjoying the sun.

A relaxed gathering for after-work drinks was exactly what the doctor prescribed for the Brussels Discovery Group. Celebrating the first Monday of July 2022 and making the start of a new week a little bit better, group members met at a local eatery for a lovely evening.

The 9 EUR Ticket that has been temporarily introduced in Germany allows people to use regional transportation all over the country for just 9 EUR a month. On 30 July, the Heidelberg After Work Drinks Group will make full use of this ticket, going bar hopping and exploring the surrounding towns of Weinheim, Ladenburg, and Schwetzingen. Join the group and get to know the area in a new, fun way!

On Friday, 29 July, InterNations members and their friends in Cape Town have the chance to attend a huge party and celebrate Christmas in July. There will be great drinks, snacks, and amazing company to enjoy a night of music and dancing. The theme is “glitter”, so dress to impress!

Thank you to all of our Ambassadors and Consuls for organizing exciting events and activities and bringing our members together.

Would you like to take the lead in organizing fun activities and share your interests with other members? Find out how to get involved as a Consul!

Image credit: InterNations

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