Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Expat: Trying Something New in July

What has sparked your curiosity lately? Have you wanted to try your hand at a new hobby, learn something new, or get to know people in a whole new way? Curiosity is an important trait that many of us lose as we grow up. But it’s what opens up our world to more knowledge, ideas, […]

Where Expats Should (Not) Move in 2022

The Expat Insider 2022 survey by InterNations reveals the best and worst destinations for living and working abroad. Mexico, Indonesia, Taiwan, Portugal, Spain, the UAE, Vietnam, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore are the best destinations for expats in 2022. The worst destinations for expats are Kuwait (52nd), New Zealand, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Japan, South Africa, […]

Hospitable or Hostile? The Ease of Settling In Index

While two of the bottom 3 can be found in Northern Europe, two of the three most welcoming expat destinations are located in Southeast Asia. But the clear number one is … Mexico. Top Findings #1 Mexico is the uncontested winner here, placing first for each rating factor. #2 Indonesia also has a very strong […]

Where Expats’ Finances Go a Long Way (and Where They Don’t)

Asian destinations are overrepresented in the top 10. European countries occupy the bottom — though the worst-ranking country is found at the opposite end of the world. Top Findings Eight of the top 10 destinations are located in Asia. Four of the bottom 10 countries are in Europe, but New Zealand ranks last. In #1 Vietnam, 8% […]

Of Sun, Safety, Sports & More: The Quality of Life Index

The destinations with the best quality of life in 2022 offer good healthcare and transportation, among other factors, while the bottom 3 leave expats dissatisfied across the board. Top Findings #1 Spain only misses out on a top 10 rank in one of the five subcategories. #2 Taiwan is the undisputed winner when it comes […]