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Build Your Brand

Position yourself as the market leader in your field, and show expats how your service is specially designed to make their lives easier. Be top of mind with a professional global audience.

Unlock a Unique Audience

Work with the world’s largest expat network — with over 3.8 million members, you’ll be able to reach expats and global minds wherever they currently are.

Generate Traffic

Use our advanced targeting options and personalized ad packages to get your message to the right audience and generate high-quality leads that are ready to engage with you.

Connect with Your Ideal Customer

Are you looking to connect with internationally mobile professionals around the world? Is your product or service perfect for global minds?

Our dedicated team works closely with each individual partner to create advertising packages as unique as your business. Whether it’s expats nearby or global minds worldwide, we help you reach the right audience in a way that resonates.

Tap into the World’s Largest Expat Metwork

Highly Educated
85% have a bachelor’s degree or higher

Globally Mobile
77% have lived in two or more countries

Our members have an average age of 39.

3.8 million members in 420 communities around the world

230 nationalities in one community

Senior Professionals
53% of members are senior leaders or CEOs

Opinion Leaders
Influencers with a large global network

InterNations Business Solutions

Do you need help with onboarding international talent? Get in touch with InterNations Business Solutions and talk to our consultants!

The Onboarding Solution for Global Talent

The InterNations corporate package empowers you to onboard your international employees beyond work. Set up your employees for a successful integration abroad.

59% of expat employees are unhappy due to a lack of socializing. 61% of global talent miss access to local networking opportunities. 56% of the relocating partners miss additional integration support. InterNations Business Solutions is here to help!

The InterNations Sponsored Membership

The InterNations sponsored membership helps your employees and their families quickly and easily adapt to their new home.

Peer-to-Peer Support

More than 6,500 selected community leaders make your employees feel welcome. They also get help from other members that share advice and experiences — for faster integration.

Networking Opportunities

Your employees can connect with more than 3 million members of all nationalities worldwide — online and face-to-face. They can participate in more than 6,000 socializing opportunities monthly, in 420 cities — to meet other expats and locals in real life.

Expat Guides and Information Exchange

Your international employees can learn everything about their new home — from personal finance to healthcare and security. Information and experiences from other members is key to establish a support network for international families.

Optimize Your International Talent Acquisition Strategy

InterNations Business Solutions offers localized support on a global level. With InterNations, the world’s largest network for expats and global minds, employees and their families are empowered by peer-to-peer support.

Thanks to our tailored expat onboarding support, you can save time by offering international employees peer-to-peer support outside work. Reduce the risk of turnover by putting the family matters of your employees in focus. Ease the complex task of integrating employees and their spouses abroad, and guarantee successful foreign assignments.

How It Works

1. Get your Package

Choose the package that best fits your needs. Get sponsored memberships for employees and/or relocating partners for 3, 6 or 12 months.

2. Distribute Sponsored Memberships

Use InterNations Business Portal to distribute sponsored memberships to your international employees in two clicks.

3. Enjoy the Benefits

Let InterNations take on expat onboarding beyond work and realize increased productivity, advanced talent retention, and an improved employer brand.

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