Swing into Spring with InterNations

After a long and cold winter for the Northern Hemisphere, it is time to celebrate the arrival of the season of blooming flowers and unique festivals: spring! InterNations members welcomed this flourishing time of the year with exciting events and outdoor activities, while the Southern Hemisphere is getting ready to “fall into fall”.

Flower Vibes

Photo Credit: Imge Soker

The Istanbul Photo Group welcomed spring with a magical walk through the vibrant tulip carpets in one of the largest parks of the city. Every April during the Emirgan Tulip Festival, Emirgan Park is taken over by millions of stunning flowers. Our members didn’t miss this chance — they found themselves surrounded by colorful gardens and pavilions and enjoyed a steaming cup of coffee accompanied by great chats and laughs.

Photo Credit: Becky Bednarek

When we think of tulips, we cannot forget about the Netherlands! On the other side of Europe, expats and global minds of the Luxembourg City Lovers went on an exciting weekend adventure to Lisse. After spending the Saturday afternoon at Keukenhof, immersed in more than seven million tulips, the group headed to the university city of Leiden on Sunday.

Cheers, Spring Is Here!

Photo Credit: Tony Belcher

After longing for spring during Norway’s freezing and dark winter, the Oslo Community lit up Rodin’s Bistro & Bar with bright, colorful, and fancy flowery clothes. Ambassadors Aru Redondo and Rita Andrea Simon did a fantastic job choosing this dress code for the night that put everyone in a good mood and created a cheerful atmosphere. Members enjoyed their drinks in good company and had fun with a small raffle!

Photo Credit: Adelina Muste

Our members in Essen got in the party spirit and celebrated the arrival of spring at The Ash, a typical American steak house. The event came with delicious steaks and burgers, refreshing drinks and a chilled-out atmosphere. Thank you to our InterNations Ambassadors Mithila Vaidya, Adelina Muste, and Dustin Hepner for planning this fun night!

If you are a party lover, you cannot miss the InterNations Istanbul Spring Party at Ruby Bar & Club on Thursday, 25 April. For this club night, make sure to follow the smart casual dress code and bring your dancing shoes — a DJ will set the scene with great party music!

Celebrating Easter

Photo Credit: Ellno Stadler

The St. Gallen Community met up for a laid-back evening at Brauwerk Restaurant. Expats and global minds shared their plans for the holidays and had delightful conversations about Easter traditions in their countries. Thanks to our Ambassadors Ellno Stadler and Dominika Repkova for organizing such a fun, but also enriching, event!

Photo Credit: Rich Ortega

After-Work drinks with InterNations are the best way to make new friends! The London Savoir Vivre Group took a break from their busy work routine and met on Wednesday, 10 April at Balls Brothers. Our activity host, Rich Ortega, created the perfect ambience reserving a semi-exclusive area at the bar, where attendants had fun mingling and making the most of this Easter-themed event.

The Brisbane Community is getting ready for their Easter at Caxton Event at the Streetside Bar on Friday, 26 April. Members can expect exclusive cocktails and wines, good food, and above all, superb company.

Easter eggs set the scene as members from all over the world get to enjoy amusing Easter activities. You are never too old for an Easter egg hunt, so why not join the Bochum Community on Saturday, 27 April? If you find one of the seven winning eggs, you will receive a special prize!

Meanwhile, on the Other Side of the Globe…

In the Southern Hemisphere, expats and global minds are getting together and planning exciting events to celebrate the fall season. If you fancy having fun and meeting new friends, join the Montevideo Community, that will hit the Hard Rock Café for their autumn event on Wednesday, 24 April.

On Friday, 26 April members will take over the rooftop of the Grand Mercure Hotel in Brasilia, for their “Fall into Fall” Event with a special menu and great music. This will be a good chance to say goodbye to many members departing soon and to welcome new recent arrivals — the InterNations family is growing so fast!

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