A Pretty Penny? The Best & Worst Cities for Expats’ Finances

Regarding personal finance, Mexico City, Bangkok, and Valencia are the clear favorites. In Vancouver, London, and Paris, however, expats struggle with their living expenses. Top Findings The Top 10 Methodology The Personal Finance Index of the Expat City Ranking features 50 cities across the globe, with a minimum sample size of 50 respondents each. The […]

Where Expats’ Finances Go a Long Way (and Where They Don’t)

Asian destinations are overrepresented in the top 10. European countries occupy the bottom — though the worst-ranking country is found at the opposite end of the world. Top Findings Eight of the top 10 destinations are located in Asia. Four of the bottom 10 countries are in Europe, but New Zealand ranks last. In #1 Vietnam, 8% […]